Thursday, 26 February 2015

#TravelDiaries - A wonderful evening @RockBarBali

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Think of wonderful sunset, brilliant cocktails, bar snacks and everything exotic about a destination and Rock Bar Bali stands right up in the list. Set up on a rock with the ocean below, Rock Bar is housed in Ayana Resort situated South of Denpasar International Airport. It is the perfect place to bring in the evening, watch the sun go down in the serene oceanic views or party hard in an ambiance filled with energy and vibrance.

To get to Rock Bar, you are required to take a cable car of sorts from Ayana mainland to the bar set up on a rock below. You are not required to be a resident guest at Ayana to get access to Rock Bar; but if you are, you certainly get privileges you most certainly will be happy to receive.

A famous spot to watch the sunset before you can kick in the night, as a non-resident guest of Ayana; here are a couple of pointers you should take seriously to enjoy an awesome sunset experience from Rock Bar Bali - 
 - Reservations at Rock Bar are a complete no-no. Entry and seating here is on a first come basis.
 - Not being a resident at Ayana, remember that the residents get priority access to Rock Bar.
 - For a post 6 PM sunset, you are required to be at the Rock Bar not later than 3:30 PM in order to avoid disappointment from either 'not the best table available' or even 'no access to Rock Bar for sunset'.

You're on time! With access to Rock Bar, the best seating options are either by the main bar or the circular sofa bed with canopy which come with a rider of IDR 600,000 (~ Rs. 3,000 or USD 50) or bill amount, whichever is higher. Considering you will be spending a good 3 - 4 hours it's a great deal and an experience that leaves you with wonderful memories.

You are late! and you do not get access to the Rock Bar? Well, once the sun sets you will be allowed to get down there and enjoy a night party instead. Meanwhile, the lawn alongside plays a wonderful host allowing you to experience the very same wonderful sunset in company of some great drinks, food and people from world over who could not make it to Rock Bar in time. ;)

Be there on time & soak in the wonderful sunset across the shores of Jimbaran.

RockBarBali on Map:

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