Friday, 6 February 2015

Unboxing the Bon6

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It all started with the arrival of this box. A few moments post that, I knew I had in my hand a box of irresistible, portable and  Chocolaty OS 2.0 - #BonTheOriginal. It has been my travel companion for quite some time in various versions of availability.

Unboxing it today, here's a recap of the features again as I had described in my earlier post:
 - Bon6 comes loaded with Chocolaty 2.0 and surely provides for a smooth run 
 - It's highly portable and fits really well into my travel bag 
 - Power packs are the quickest way to recharge 

Unboxing it finally, the box contained the biscuits we already love  - Bourbon from Britannia; only difference being in a new and chocolatier avatar. It's got that extra crunch, more chocolate cream, comforting and satisfying. 

Here's a little video made on the unboxing of the #NewBritanniaBourbon -

Oh yes! It's portable and truly is always an essential when I'm travelling. I love munching as I travel. 

Be it from sneaking a pack of it to a lecture in college, munching on this while having numerous conversations with friends, resorting to it in times of mid-night hunger and so on; it surely does bring back a lot of memories. 

What's your's? 

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