Thursday, 26 February 2015

#TravelDiaries - A wonderful evening @RockBarBali

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Think of wonderful sunset, brilliant cocktails, bar snacks and everything exotic about a destination and Rock Bar Bali stands right up in the list. Set up on a rock with the ocean below, Rock Bar is housed in Ayana Resort situated South of Denpasar International Airport. It is the perfect place to bring in the evening, watch the sun go down in the serene oceanic views or party hard in an ambiance filled with energy and vibrance.

To get to Rock Bar, you are required to take a cable car of sorts from Ayana mainland to the bar set up on a rock below. You are not required to be a resident guest at Ayana to get access to Rock Bar; but if you are, you certainly get privileges you most certainly will be happy to receive.

A famous spot to watch the sunset before you can kick in the night, as a non-resident guest of Ayana; here are a couple of pointers you should take seriously to enjoy an awesome sunset experience from Rock Bar Bali - 
 - Reservations at Rock Bar are a complete no-no. Entry and seating here is on a first come basis.
 - Not being a resident at Ayana, remember that the residents get priority access to Rock Bar.
 - For a post 6 PM sunset, you are required to be at the Rock Bar not later than 3:30 PM in order to avoid disappointment from either 'not the best table available' or even 'no access to Rock Bar for sunset'.

You're on time! With access to Rock Bar, the best seating options are either by the main bar or the circular sofa bed with canopy which come with a rider of IDR 600,000 (~ Rs. 3,000 or USD 50) or bill amount, whichever is higher. Considering you will be spending a good 3 - 4 hours it's a great deal and an experience that leaves you with wonderful memories.

You are late! and you do not get access to the Rock Bar? Well, once the sun sets you will be allowed to get down there and enjoy a night party instead. Meanwhile, the lawn alongside plays a wonderful host allowing you to experience the very same wonderful sunset in company of some great drinks, food and people from world over who could not make it to Rock Bar in time. ;)

Be there on time & soak in the wonderful sunset across the shores of Jimbaran.

RockBarBali on Map:

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Happy & Safe Travels!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wonderful Evening at Harry's Whitefield

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If you've been to Singapore; Harry's bar needs no introduction for it is the most famed bar back there with 27 outlets in operation. With huge expansion plans in India, Harry's is off to a fiery start here with the 3rd outlet having been launched in Phoenix Market City, Whitefield Bangalore after witnessing success; first in Indiranagar followed by Koramangla. It doesn't end here coz. if I hear it right, 2015 will witness the launch of more outlets across Mumbai and other cities in India.

Taking their expansions very seriously, Harry's has been roping in highly specialized and renowned personalities to spearhead both the bar and kitchen. Right from the first outlet, Shatbhi Basu has set up the bar scene at Harry's India and now, Celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani has been roped in to head the kitchen for the brand in India. While Shatbhi aims to put the drinks ahead of the food, Vicky strives to put the food ahead of the drinks. In this wonderfully competitive team at Harry's who wins? Well, it clearly is 'We the customers' for we get the best of both worlds - 'Food' and 'Beverages'.
Shatbhi Basu @ Harry's
Me with Vicky Ratnani @ Harry's
In between all this, I got to enjoy the best of both the worlds at Harry's Bar and cafe, Whitefield. Vicky's magic wand has clearly done its tricks. This evening was one delicious evening of enormous spread of fabulous food and amazing cocktails. Marinated olive and feta in a jar was the first to arrive and the flavors were bang on. Asian classic Chicken Satay made an appearance standing in a glass. I loved the delicious peanut sauce and the chicken was so tender; it just melted away in my mouth.

On the vegetarian plate, there was whole mushroom stuffed with ratatouille and cheese. Not a fan of mushroom specially in it's direct for; this dish was my vegetarian favorite of the day. It's weird for me to be writing this but I highly recommend this mushroom plate to be on every table for the vegetarians. Another hit among everyone on our table was the watermelon and feta salad. 
Whole Mushroom stuffed with Ratatouille & Cheese
Water Melon & Feta Salad
Fisherman's basket was a basket full of crispy fried fresh and assorted sea food. This dish is something we munched on pretty much al evening. The batter was seasoned with spices, was really light and crisp (reminding me of the Japanese tempura batter) and the fish, prawns and calamari were soft and fresh.
Fisherman's Basket
Vietnamese spring rolls were light and easy on the palate. They were rice paper rolls with a filling of crisp, light and crunchy veggies, toasted peanuts and chill soy dip. A delicious eat indeed with a nice crunch coming in the end from the tasted peanuts.
Vietnamese Spring Roll
Thus far, every snack served was a fine blend of global cuisine, comfort food, bar snack and gourmet treats. This affair continued as a lot more food came fresh and hot from the kitchen as we continued to sip on some interesting cocktail concoctions. With loads of food, I enjoyed the company of 2 new concoctions - 'Sex on Pattaya Beach' and 'Blood on the Rooftop'. Both the drinks were perfectly balanced; a great example of a good drink where the liquor is not overpowering the other flavors yet giving the required buzz.
Blood on the Rooftop
Sex on Pattaya beach was a wonderful rum and watermelon drink; 2 ingredients when together are hard to go wrong. Blood on the rooftop was a mix of multiple white spirits and topped with red wine; hence the name. The liquor was there and so was the wonderful and subtle aftertaste of the wine. Both drinks are available in 3 sizes - 500 ml, 1 and 3 liter.
Sex on Pattaya Beach
Our quest with food at Harry's progressed with vegetarians flipping on the potato wedges which were beautifully crisp on the outside and soft and mushy on the inside and wasabi cottage cheese squares - wasabi coated cottage cheese, wrapped with spinach and then batter fried. Wasabi is an acid taste and can be a turn off to most but this one was nice and well balanced toning down the strength of the wasabi.
Potato Wedges
Wasabi Coated Cottage Cheese
For us non-vegetarians there also was crispy chili chicken and Pattaya Fish Goujons. Of the two, the Pattaya Fish Goujons hit the right spot in terms of the heat, the flavor, the fish and the crispy texture coming from light coating of the fish. 
Chili Chicken
Pattaya Fish Goujons
Moving on to the mains, I went for the chicken Thai green curry with the fragrant Jasmine sticky rice. Everything that went into the making the Thai curry was prepared in-house which eventually resulted in bowl of deliciousness. Yes, it was a meal in a bowl and perfect for one but can be shared if you've done a lot of starters. I will surely have this back on my table again except for the onions in the curry which gave an unusual bite in an otherwise fabulous bowl.

In desserts, a chocolate volcano was shared between two of us and was a nice finish to a wonderful evening.

The ambiance is unpretentious and comfortable. Guests can pick their preferred space to be seated - indoor, outdoor or by the lovely large bar. An average meal for two with two starters, two mains two drinks and a dessert each will cost about Rs 1800 plus taxes and charges; surely worth every penny for the experience they offer.

I'm going back here for sure!

Address: 2nd Floor, Phoenix Market City, Whitefield, Bangalore
Phone Number: +91 80 6726 6646

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A New Brunch in town - B:Brunch at Bene, Sheraton Bangalore

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I'm always on a lookout for new and interesting experiences. What I get even more excited about is; sharing with you a new and exciting experience that I really enjoyed. Sheraton is probably a hotel I frequent often for it houses splendid dining options in the form of Feast, Bene and Persian Terrace.

Last week, Sheraton Bangalore at Brigade Gateway launched not just the newest and the coolest brunch in town but also an exclusive and unique brunch in various ways viz..
 - While every brunch focuses on world cuisines, this one is exclusively; I repeat exclusively an Italian and Mediterranean brunch.
 - This brunch at Sheraton is a lavish spread of food with 80% or more coming from live counters; the way you'd like it prepared.

A perfect outdoor setting with the lovely Bangalore weather, live music and DJ, 3 bar counters (Main bar, martini & Mojito Bar, Bubbly bar), activities to keep the kids entertained and live counters dishing out freshly prepared food. The ambiance and set up is perfect for a relaxed and leisurely Sunday Brunch.

We were welcomed with shots of different liquor base setting the mood for the rest of the brunch.

There is loads of food and drinks laid out all the way from where you enter (indoors) to the end of the Al-Fresco (outdoors) section. It begins indoor with soups, salads and dips, live counters serving up customised salads, cold cuts, cheese platters, desserts at the heart and extending outdoors to the live Persian and Italian mains and grills. All of this, well alternated with different bar counters.

The salads and dips as always were delicious and aplenty to choose from. Puja loves the cheese platter with crackers, nuts and fruits by the side to accompany. We sat outdoors, enjoying the lovely weather of Bangalore, the fresh salads, delicious dips, cheese and sipping on Kir Royale (a sparkling cocktail) and wine.

My new favorite was the finely sliced Parma ham with Parmesan cheese strips. A really simple combination of cured and thinly sliced parma ham with cheese slivers and that's all it takes to enjoy this lovely dish with a glass of medium bodied red wine.

On the weber grills were assorted starters for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. I tried the chicken sausages and the fish from the non-vegetarian section and cottage cheese and mix veg sticks from the vegetarian. Except for the sausages which were perfect, i found the marinade on the rest to be quite bland for my liking. I'd have preferred it to be a little more robust in flavor.

All through the brunch, I tried various beverages like the Kir Royale - a champagne/sparkling wine based cocktail, the very innovative Paan martini, mojito and some good wine as well. The cocktails were well concocted and made for a good company for the day. My personal favorite of them all was the Paan martini which apparently also made for a great finisher after a complete meal - Well, that's the paan lover in me speaking. 

Moving on to the next course or the mains if they may be called - It again primarily comprised of live counters for burgers, Italian and Persian food. We settled down with pasta of mix sauce, pizza from the wood fired oven, and also some delicious Persian rice and kababs - both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Like always, they all tasted good but would have preferred to have more options to choose from bot in terms of dishes and the meats offered.

Desserts were inviting right from the the very beginning and our eyes were all set on them. So when we arrives to this final course, we were in a fix on what to eat. We settled for an assortment that we plated ourselves from a really generous selection. Oh Boy! I absolutely loved their Banana-Walnut cake, carrot cake and the subtly flavored coconut cake.

Tiramisu at Bene has always been a signature creation and it wouldn't be justified to not have dug my spoon into it.

To sum it up - it was a lovely day, perfect weather, great ambiance, live music, fabulous spread of delicious food and the premium beverages and interesting cocktail concoctions to add to the zing. For the kids, there was tattoo art, interesting balloon creations and more. Memories are to be treasured and hence, Sheraton goes the extra mile to get you photographed during the brunch and as you are all set to call it a day and step out; Surprise! the you'll spot your picture printed and ready for you to take back home.

Address: 4th Floor, Sheraton @ Brigade Gateway, 26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleshwaram - Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560055
Landmark: Adjacent to Orion Mall in the same campus
Phone Number: +91 80 4252 1000

Friday, 6 February 2015

Unboxing the Bon6

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It all started with the arrival of this box. A few moments post that, I knew I had in my hand a box of irresistible, portable and  Chocolaty OS 2.0 - #BonTheOriginal. It has been my travel companion for quite some time in various versions of availability.

Unboxing it today, here's a recap of the features again as I had described in my earlier post:
 - Bon6 comes loaded with Chocolaty 2.0 and surely provides for a smooth run 
 - It's highly portable and fits really well into my travel bag 
 - Power packs are the quickest way to recharge 

Unboxing it finally, the box contained the biscuits we already love  - Bourbon from Britannia; only difference being in a new and chocolatier avatar. It's got that extra crunch, more chocolate cream, comforting and satisfying. 

Here's a little video made on the unboxing of the #NewBritanniaBourbon -

Oh yes! It's portable and truly is always an essential when I'm travelling. I love munching as I travel. 

Be it from sneaking a pack of it to a lecture in college, munching on this while having numerous conversations with friends, resorting to it in times of mid-night hunger and so on; it surely does bring back a lot of memories. 

What's your's? 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Mystery Box came my way.. And What happened next?

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It doesn't happen often, a mystery box addressed to me came my way and I wondered to what will it be. 

Unwrapped it and took me no time to recognize. I know the contents of the box are irresistible as it has always been. It's my travel companion and the moment I need a break, I'm at it. 

To speak more on the features of #BonTheOriginal, here are a few - 
 - Bon6 comes loaded with Chocolaty 2.0 and surely provides for a smooth run.
 - It's highly portable and fits really well into my travel bag.
 - Power packs are the quickest way to recharge.

What's in the box? You'll have to wait till the 6th as I can't tell you now. "It's celebrating 60 years of perfection", is all I can say right now.