Friday, 20 March 2015

Street Food Fest @ Church Street Social, Bangalore

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Church Street Social never seems to get tired of bringing in and introducing innovative creations in the food and beverages segment. Celebrating a year since its launch, Church Street Social is hosting a #StreetFoodFest where in the best of street foods mostly from the country are being dished out in the very apt style Social is known for.

Available only till the end of this month, Church Street Social with visiting chef have customized and curated an elaborate menu with some great listing of foods available on streets. Going beyond food, the beverages too have received a quirky social twist. They are not just innovative but also bring in some nostalgia with drinks like Panpasand shots, masaledar nimbo-soda pani served in classic goti bottles and lots more. Does this ring the bell of nostalgia?

It was a crazy Saturday afternoon, and here's what I enjoyed the most and highly recommend for you to go and give it a shot.

SHOT! Well, that exactly what we started with. There was mango bite shot, hajmola shot, kaccha aam shot and do you remember 'PanPasand? Yes, Pan Pasand shot too. I tried the mango bit and the hajmola shot. It surely was a good start. Head out here for these assorted jars of shots. An assortment of 10 shots comes for a steal - Rs. 1299 only.

From the small plates what worked best for me was the Ballistic Bhajiya - a chilli bajji of the streets stuffed with cheese and the Punjabi Samosa which is a classic and came served with chutneys and pindi chole on the side.

In small plates non-vegetarians; it was the spicy and flavorful Malabar Chicken Lollypops,  the classic chicken kababs, Prawnstar (no there is no spelling mistake here) and what clearly stole the show was the Mutton Biryani Buritto. The mutton biryani buritto was topped with gooey cheese and stuffed with boneless mutton biryani. The meat was succulent and the flavors rich.

A street food festival without golgappa and other chaat items would be incomplete. Though chaats are usually something I really don't venture into beyond the streets; the names of these at Social intrigued me and I ended up trying two of the dishes from the menu. One that really impressed me was the was 'Karari Bhindi Ki Videshi Chaat'. 'Dimaag ka Dahi Bhalla' which another chaat dish I tried. For a moment, the name had me carried away thinking it might actually be a chaat dish that contains mutton brain. But that was just me the non-vegetarian being wishful. It was a Dahi Bhalla with a kick of wasabi in the curd and hence the name.

There were a host of classic stuffed parathas that came with a serving of makhan (butter), curd and pickle. Of the lot, I tried the mutton keema stuffed paratha and was bowled over by the flavor and the amount of meat stuffed in the soft, melt in mouth paratha.

Again, making us nostalgic were the servings of the goti soda bottles; yes the ones that used to be commonly available and sold by street vendors. Here, in goti soda bottles were really interesting cocktails like 'Masaledar Vodka Nimboo Paani', 'Gin and Ginger Soda', 'Raspberry Cream Soda Vodka' and likes. These were the 3 best drinks I liked and hence the specific mentions. 

Having gone through all this, of course in a good way; my attempt at mains was very limited. I was curious to try the 'Moilee Seafood Laska' and called in for a portion of it which came in the company of steamed rice. The flavors of the sea food were quite evident and I did enjoy eating this dish.

Desserts are and official finish to a meal and between our group of 9 we shared a portion of 3 desserts - Izzat Ka Faluda, Gulab Jamun Cheesecake and Tiramisu softie. Just the thought of eating a medley of Gulab Jamun and cheesecake did not appeal to me and so I didn't venture into it. I love coffee and clearly this Tiramisu stood out the most for me of all the desserts on the table. It was not the best Tiramisu I've had but was definitely a good one to end my meal on a perfect and happy note.

To sum it up, it was all street food in the confines and comfort of Church Street Social. Well, not just confines and comfort but also a nice Social twist to the classic street food preparations. An average meal for two has a good wallet factor. Including a couple of drinks and shots a meal will cost about Rs. 2500 plus taxes and charges. 

The festival is on till the 31st of March and can be best be experienced in a group for the sheer listing of interesting food and drinks. 

Address: 46/1, Cobalt Building, Church Street, Bangalore 560001
Phone Number: +91 80 4171 3016

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  1. Mouth watering dishes I suppose, because it made me tempt for the food just by the images.