Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Mystery Box came my way.. And What happened next?

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It doesn't happen often, a mystery box addressed to me came my way and I wondered to what will it be. 

Unwrapped it and took me no time to recognize. I know the contents of the box are irresistible as it has always been. It's my travel companion and the moment I need a break, I'm at it. 

To speak more on the features of #BonTheOriginal, here are a few - 
 - Bon6 comes loaded with Chocolaty 2.0 and surely provides for a smooth run.
 - It's highly portable and fits really well into my travel bag.
 - Power packs are the quickest way to recharge.

What's in the box? You'll have to wait till the 6th as I can't tell you now. "It's celebrating 60 years of perfection", is all I can say right now.


  1. A travel buddy, that recharges you almost instantly? Looks like a cute surprise ;)

  2. its a chocobar... :P :P