Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Wish-Dish: Piri Piri Fries @ McDonald's India

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"Each one of us has a favorite dish that keeps us going back to a specific restaurant time and again."

Extending on this statement, it may also be true that you not only love to relish it when you have a chance but also love recommending it to others. I know it for sure, I'd do that and that's exactly what I do in my Wish-Dish segment.

I love french fries and the portions for me always come in a large size. Sharing fries is usually not my preferred choice but then maybe I'm quite considerate. A couple of months ago, passing through a McDonald's drive-thru, I picked up a portion of their newly launched Peri-Peri fries and was hooked on to them in no time not realizing that this was a special promotion and will soon not be available on the regular menu.

Guess what! The Piri Piri fries are back again.

Have you spotted the below hoarding as you drive through the city? I think the hoardings are all around announcing the relaunch of Piri Piri fries in Bangalore. 
Hoarding as I drive by...

I like this campaign #UnshareMyFries as it make me NOT feel bad about not wanting to share my fries. 'Weird english' but then I know you're getting my point. On noticing the hoarding(s), I rushed to the McDonald's outlet to grab my portion of large Piri Piri fries and the rest of the conversation was between the fries and my stomach. 
Piri Piri Fries - This is how they arrive

What I love about these Piri Piri fries is that the Piri Piri powder mix comes in an accompanying sachet along with french fries, a shake shake bag and each one can balance the mixture to their desired taste levels. Your piri piri fries are ready when you've shaken the bag of fries with the accompanying spice mix. 

Shaken or Stirred? Shaken Piri Piri Fries
Another Shot - Piri Piri Fries
Wondering what's Piri Piri? 

Well, it's an African spice mix made from Bird's eye chili. Yes, It's the same Peri Peri spice mix or sauce you might have got your hands on before. Then why 'Piri Piri'? I don't know and I don't care. All I care about is eating these delicious fries.

What are you looking at? Go get you PiriPiri-licious fries from a McDonald's outlet near you.

Price: Pay Rs. 15 and upgrade to Piri Piri fries
PS: I wont share them with you but I might buy them for you.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

7 Reasons you should visit Monkey Bar this December

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As I keep hearing my family and friends say, "I only need reasons to visit Monkey Bar." This time, I won’t state why I made a visit again; instead, I'm going to give you 7 enticing reasons on why you should visit Monkey Bar this December:

 1.      Food Festival for the very first time:
All through December and surely for the first time, Monkey Bar is hosting a food festival showcasing the authentic Anglo-Indian food and also something it is famous for - 'A twist to the original'.

At this food festival, on service for lunch and dinner alongside the regular menu is a specially crafted 'Hobson Jobson Festival' menu. 'Yes' it is called 'Hobson Jobson Festival'. With a wide range of mouthwatering appetizers, mains and desserts on offer there are numerous more reasons to visit Monkey Bar this December. Read on...

 2.       Starters:
The regular menu at Monkey Bar is always there, This month however, you could be totally content and fill yourself up on just the starters alone from their festive 'Hobson Jobson Menu'. Here's what I think you should go have on your table when you head to Monkey Bar for the rest of this month:
Chingree Samosas - Prawn Balchao stuffed in flaky puff pastry - Clearly a highlight of my meal. Only wish the samosas were stuffed with more prawns (chunky prawns for a nice bite)
Panthras - Crepes stuffed with aromatic and spicy minced lamb filling
Chickpea and smoked fish Salad - Love fish and mustard? This has got to be on your table.
 3.       Beverages:
The Hobson Jobson menu has 5 new cocktails on the menu and off these I tried two and absolutely loved both of them. Ask me for my pick from the two cocktails and I'll say, "first have The Pink Gin and then the Oddenino's Hot Punch. 'True that', you've got to try both the cocktails and 'no', Hot Punch is not a warm beverage”. I love Angostura bitters and clearly a drink having Angostura will top my list. These 2 cocktails being concocted at their bar are surely a reason enough to visit Monkey Bar this month.
Oddenino's Hot Punch
The Pink Gin 
 4.       Mains:
While starters can fill you up, mains clearly cannot be left behind. You have got to try the famous Anglo-Indian dish called 'Kedgeree' and 'Dak Banglow Murgi Roast'. Kedgeree is a rice based dish with smoked flakes of fish, parsley, ribbons of egg and spices. You love fish? A lot of fish? Visit Monkey Bar and eat the Kedgeree.
Kedegree - Simple flavors; an absolute delight
'Dak Bunglow Murgi Roast' is skewers of lemon-yogurt roasted succulent chicken served with saffron and coconut pilaf. Love the flavor of caramelized onions? The pilaf is loaded with it. Combine it with chicken and mushy peas stuffed in a baked whole tomato and you have another reason to visit Monkey Bar this December.
Dak Bunglow Murgi Roast
 5.       Desserts:
Railway pudding is a very berry dessert and a big hit among diners at Monkey Bar. While this is a reason enough to visit Monkey Bar another strong contender is the ' Brown Bread Butter pudding'; served with a deadly coffee ice cream is a dessert which I personally love more than the 'Railway Pudding'.
Brown Bread Butter Pudding
Railway Pudding
 6.       Breakfirst @ Monkey BarClick here

 7.       A day out @ Monkey BarClick here

Note - Hobson Jobson Food Festival is on for lunch and dinner all days of the week at Monkey Bar, Wood Street.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Afghani Afternoons @ The Royal Afghan, ITC Hotels - Windsor, Bangalore

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A lot of things have been happening at #ITCHotels #Windsor, Bangalore. There was a Christmas cake mixing celebration, the super successful Afghani Afternoons at The Royal Afghan and also a new menu introduction at the South Indian specialty restaurant - Dakshin. The cake mixing celebration was a fabulous afternoon with Christmas joy spread in the air as if Christmas were tomorrow. I look forward to trying out the new introductions to the Dakshin menu; but for now, I'm all excited to share my experience of another great afternoon spent at ITC Windsor. They call it 'The Afghani Afternoons'.

A specially curated offer for the discerning diner saw a successful and fabulous response in October which had lead to its extension for the month of November and December. What's in store during 'The Afghani Afternoons'; every Saturday and Sunday is unlimited portions of melt in mouth kababs (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) and unlimited beverages which include the lovely Fratelli wine and Kingfisher beer. What better that enjoying all of this by the pool side in this lovely Bangalore weather!

End of November, I rushed to give this promotion a shot for I knew I could eat unlimited portions of my ever favorite Barrah Kabab, succulent chicken malai kabab, lovely chicken sheek, melt in mouth and perfectly spiced lamb sheek; and the list goes on to include a few more kababs from the highly regarded kitchen of The Royal Afghan.

Without saying much, here's me sharing with you a pictorial review of my rendezvous with Afghani food at a specially curated event called 'The Afghani Afternoon'

Mutton Sheek is what I'd naturally prefer but this plate of chicken sheek promised a burst of flavors and what must I say, "It did deliver the promise it showed; in each and every bite." A great start to a lovely Saturday afternoon.
Chicken Sheek Kabab
It was the first time I got my hands on the lamb sheek. It looked sinful and if eating it was a sin, I was all geared to committing it. The sheek was very well flavored with spices that hit the palate with the right notes. The marriage of the spices and the flavor of the meat itself married very well without overpowering the either. 
Lamb Sheek Kabab
Murgh Malai Kabab was down right succulent. It had a very rich texture and flavor coming from heavy cream and hint of coriander being used in its preparation.
Murgh Malai Kabab
Chilled Kingfisher Beer
Lovely Wine to go with the Kababs
My ever favorite is the Barrah kabab. I waited for this deadly plate of meat to arrive. It's Lamb marinated in a mixture of yogurt, various spices, malt vinegar and cooked in red hot embers. A bite into it and I know again that I can make a complete meal of just this one dish.
Barrah Kabab
Now here's the deal - A wonderful afternoon with unlimited kababs and unlimited beer and wine comes at a steal for just Rs. 999 for the vegetarians and Rs. 1499 for non-vegetarians. Taxes and charges extra. With all the delicious kababs served, you will not even see a need for a main course or probably have any space left for deserts.

In my perspective, this is an absolute steal and a food promotion that I highly recommend each one of you to visit while it lasts only till the end of this month. Do note, the Afghani Afternoons are on in ITC Windsor's The Royal Afghan only on Saturday and Sunday for lunch.

Quick Tips:
Go savor unlimited portions of the best North-West Frontier kababs in the company of unlimited wine and beer.

To make reservations please call 080 - 4140 1205

Address: The Royal Afghan, ITC Windsor, 25 Golf Course Road, Bangalore 560052
Phone Number: +91 80 4140 1205