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Linx @ Premier Inn, Bangalore

Located very close to my office in Whitefield, one evening I met with the members of the CAL Bloggers Table at ‘Linx’. ‘Linx’ is a multi-cuisine restaurant housed in Premier Inn; a chain of hotels from UK. On arriving here, I learnt that they housed not only ‘Linx’ but also a Lounge Bar 87. It was my first visit to ‘Linx’ and being late rushed to the table where everyone were seated to join them for an evening of unexpected.

Having been late in joining the members on the table who were all set with their drinks, I was almost immediately offered both the drinks and the food menu. The drinks menu comprised no extra-ordinary and fancy listings of beverages but a limited and decent listing of hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Likewise, the food menu wasn’t extensive too but had a sufficient listing of Indian, Chinese, Italian and Continental.

What we ate:
Folks on my table seemed to enjoy the martinis, margaritas, mojitos, long island ice teas and mocktails in the company of a traditional and rustic accompaniment - masala peanuts.

Shortly, followed the appetizers we had called for. The non-vegetarians appetizers included chefs recommendation ‘Charminar Seekh Kebab’ and the classic preperation of crispy threaded chicken. I was a vegetarian on this day and didn’t eat them both (Poor me L).

Crispy threaded chicken was a slice of marinated chicken strip fried in a casing of pan cake threads. This was served with a perfect accompaniment of hot garlic sauce. The charminar seekh kebab was a preperation of mutton half cooked in tandoor, slit in between, stuffed with mint infused yoghurt and finally fried. Both the dishes were relished by the non-vegetarians. But to me, the Charminar seekh kebab was fragrant enough to pull me back to Linx.

On the vegetarian front it was Paneer Tikka and golden fried basket. The paneer itself was slightly hard and the big cubes of it took away the flavor of the marination. The crowd pleaser was golden fried basket which was wonton baskets filled with tempered corn and served with it was a tangy coriander syrup. I ate it just like pani puri - pouring atleast a spoonful of the syrup into the basket and having it in a go.

We had a child on the table too. He made a meal of golden fried crispy french fries and cheese toast that was mouth watering to look at.

In the mains, vegetarians called for Dal Maharani - black dal, Miloni Tarkari, veg chili garlic noodles and stir fried chinese veggies. What I enjoyed the most was black dal with hot Indian breads and the chili garlic noodles with the yummy crispy stir fried veggies.

There was plenty for the non-vegetarians on our table not only in terms of the dishes but also cuisines. Mutton Roganjosh, hot rotis, mutton dum biryani, Grilled fish in lemon butter sauce, Farfalle in cream sauce, egg fried rice and stir fried minced chicken. I could see everyone enjoy digging into each of these dishes. I wish I had eaten it all to say more about it.

For desserts, my pick was fried ice cream. This was presented to us in a Martini glass with honey floating at the bottom of the glass. The dessert was nice, warm and crispy on the outside and cold on the inside; honey floating at the bottom of the glass adding a nice flavor.

For more food pictures from this dinner, visit the photo albums on my Facebook page Review Of Restaurants

The food tasted good, be it Indian, continental or Chinese. The portions of the appetizers were good to be shared while the mains are structured such that a portion is sufficient for one. Though, with a couple of starters, Indian and Chinese mains can be shared between two. For those focusing on the mains can go with the option called ‘Make It Large’ which you will see at the end of the mains section. With this, the portions served are larger and can easily be shared to make a meal from it.

I went to Linx with absolutely no expectations and was completely bowled over by the overall experience. What bowled me over was the unexpectedly relaxed and comforting ambiance, the unpretentious food and simple beverage concoctions. While there are many hotels and restaurants in Whitefield, I know exactly now where I must head to for a good a la carte lunch or dinner along with a couple of rounds of drinks. Conversing with the restaurant manager, I also learnt that Costa Coffee is owned by the same group of companies that own Premier Inn. So no prices for guessing, Costa Coffee kiosk is available and the same can enjoyed at Premier Inn.

An average meal for 2 which includes an appetizer to share, 2 mains and a dessert will cost around Rs. 1000 plus taxes and charges.

Quick Tips:
If you are living in Whitefield, look no further. Linx @ Premier Inn is a fantastic place to dine at. You are sure to enjoy a really nice meal without having to travel to other parts of Bangalore in a look for some a-la carte options.

Address: Premier Inn Bangalore Whitefield, No 3-A1, Brookfield Main Road, Mahadevpura, Opp. IFB Campus, Whitefield, Bangalore 560048
Phone Number: +91 80 4348 8888

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