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Zaffran, Bangalore

Zaffran a fine dine restaurant specializes in Mughlai cuisine. Originally from Mumbai, they made an entry into Bangalore in the year 2011 on St. Mark’s road. Somewhere in the second half of 2012 they opened shop in Orion Mall, Malleshwaram. Post the shutdown of Zaffran on St. Mark’s road, their outlet at Orion mall is the only one in Bangalore. A lot of good feedback about the food (especially the Raan biryani) has been the driving force behind my visits; ‘Yes, Visits’ to Zaffran.

The Menu at Zaffran lays emphasis on the rich culinary delicacies of Northern India. Their menu comprises of an array of mouthwatering delicacies which includes soups, starters, refreshments, main course, accompaniments, biryanis and desserts; all of which can be consumed in the company of some alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages offered from their full-fledged bar. The menu is well structured with the courses clearly categorized independently and further between vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

What we ate:
Having visited Zaffran multiple times, I was able to sample a variety of items from their menu. To do the honors was masala papad which actually is a crisp roomali roti topped with the tomato and onion masala. Being made with all-purpose flour, it has a tendency to get tough and chewy as it gets cold. When had hot and fresh, it was actually quite nice. An interesting dish to nibble on as one waits for the other courses to arrive.

For starters, Murg Zaffrani Tikka served with mint chutney visited us during both my visits. It had a nice flavor of saffron, was tender, well cooked and in a word 'Delicious'. For the vegetarian, the pick was veg. Galauti Kabab. I didn't try it but the vegetarians loved it.
Image Courtesy: Zaffran Management

In the course of visits to Zaffran, another non-vegetarian starter we relished was the succulent Tandoori Murg. The overnight marinating does pay off and is evident from the flavor it exudes.

In the mains, it was Rogan Josh and Paneer Makhni that paid visit to our table. The Rogan Josh came with a twist; the recipe at Zaffran involves extensive use of saffron. The meat was succulent and tender slipping off the bone with slightest of the efforts. Though the Zaffran version tasted good, I personally would prefer the authentic Rogan josh. The vegetarian counterpart was a fine dish which was paneer immersed in a rich and creamy tomato based gravy. It was indeed a fine dish to order for the vegetarians. These gravies were accompanied by assorted Indian breads which were well cooked too.

On one of the occasions, we called for the Murg Tikka biryani which was served along with raita. The biryani was flavorful combination of aromatic rice and succulent pieces of chicken tikka and could do even without any accompaniment.
Image Courtesy: Zaffran Management

A visit to Zaffran cannot be complete until you have had the Raan Biryani (mutton leg) served here. The portion is enormous and can feed 5- 6 people. The mutton is very tender, flavorful and melts in the mouth instantly. The rice is well flavored with saffron and the mutton masala it is cooked along with. This preparation packs the flavors of the meat, rice, spices and saffron so well that it can entice the weakest of the taste buds.

Zaffran offers both indoor and outdoor seating options. The decor is really classy. The music playing in the background is really soothing and has a mid-eastern world influence.

The service first time around was average. The staff seemed a bit hesitant and puzzled when asked for recommending the food to pick. The service during other visits has been reasonably good. I appreciate the management for being receptive to the feedback given and acting upon improving it.

An average meal for two will cost Rs. 1500 for food excluding taxes and charges; yet leaves you well satiated. Being located as a part of the mall, there is no valet parking offered.

Quick Tips:
Raan Biryani is what I will always go back here for every single time. 

Address: Orion Mall, Brigade Gateway, Malleshwaram - Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore
Phone Number: +91 80 6595 8888

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