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Feast @ Sheraton, Bangalore

Last year, around the same time Sheraton, Bangalore hosted a Japanese festival. OK, let’s be precise, it was a Sushi festival. And now; ‘Feast’ a multi-cuisine restaurant at Sheraton, Bangalore plays host to yet another Japanese food festival. On till the 14th of July, Chef Kyoji Endo from Westin, Tokyo is here to take you through the culinary delights from the ‘land of the rising sun – Japan’. An invite came my way for this event and it took me no time to say a ‘Yes’.

Since it is Japanese food fest, a section of the buffet otherwise shared between the South East Asian countries has been solely dedicated to Chef Kyoji Endo’s creations of his homeland. This spread included specialties like sushi, sashimi, miso, udon, green tea ice cream and not to forget something Chef Kyoji Endo is a specialist at – Tempura preparations. All of this was accompanied by a magnanimous spread of food and desserts representing various cuisines of the world. So aptly named is this restaurant!!! ‘Feast – world of flavors’

What we ate:
Of course! It was a Japanese fest and that’s exactly what we kick started our meal with. My companion seemed very fascinated with the concept of customizing her own soup. Chef Kyoji Edno helped her with the customization. The soup was served cold in a broth made of miso, dashi and more. Ingredients include udon noodles, topped with tofu, nori, finely chopped scallions and some other toppings. This was a winner since when we dug into it.

My pick was the miso - egg drop soup that was served hot. This soup was really light in consistency, the flavors well balanced appealed to my senses. I remember having not enjoyed this soup much at another Japanese restaurant a couple of months ago. But here, I loved it.

Moving on - next on the radar was tempura and sushi. I savored the non – vegetarian version of both while my partner in crime – a vegetarian went with the vegetarian options. Both tempura and sushi were served plated on our table. The tempura was the first to arrive. One look at it and I could say, “The batter must be really light and crunchy”. True to my imagination, the batter was light, crisp, and non-greasy. The shrimp was perfectly cooked and retained its flavor, moisture and softness.

The veg tempura was stuffed with chunks of assorted veggies and was also equally enjoyed. What took the whole tempura experience up a notch for us were green tea salt and chili salt; the unique accompaniments prepared by the visiting chef.

The sushi followed soon. The buffet displays just the rolls format broadly known as Maki sushi. On enquiring, we were told, nigiri and sashimi was on offer too. The reason for it not being present on the buffet display was just to maintain the freshness factor. What came to my table was a platter of sushi, sashimi and nigiri. While I love maki sushi rolls, it was the salmon nigiri that stole the limelight for me. There was California roll for the vegetarians which had a crispy cucumber as the filling. I did dig into this and loved it too.

The Japanese section of the buffet also had fried pork (Ton Katsu), whitefish in a vinegar sauce, potatoes in teriyaki sauce and fried tofu. The whitefish in vinegar sauce was cooked but served cold; traditionally the way it is eaten and was good in flavor but the fish seemed a tad bit hard and dry. ‘Potatoes in teriyaki sauce’ was a nice preparation with sweetness felt from both potato and the teriyaki sauce.
Whitefish in Vinegar Sauce

At a Japanese dinner one would definitely expect to dig into a scoop of green tea ice cream. Though not displayed on the buffet, this in-house creation is brought to the table. The ice cream had a mild flavor of green tea but was one dessert we relished.

In between all this, we also paid visit to the other sections of the buffet. To show you the magnitude of the spread Sheraton has on offer here is a quick pictorial representation:
Salad Bar: Make your own salad or choose from ready salads
Mediterranean Fare: Pita bread with assorted dips; herbed rich with Chicken and Lamb kababs 
Indian Non-Vegetarian Fare: Meen Pollichattu, Chicken Biryani & a gravy I do not recollect

This is not all; the buffet also hosted a vast spread of Italian and American food as well. Not to mention, a fantastic array of desserts Indian and international.

For more food pictures from this dinner, visit the photo albums on my FaceBook page Review Of Restaurants

The Japanese food was nice especially the soups and the tempura. I’d say, “If looking for Japanese food and you are in the vicinity – Feast is the place.” What better? You also get to experience the whole range of spread offered on the buffet.

True to its name - ‘Feast – World of flavors’; we got to experience not just the Japanese fest but also a diverse range of cuisines from across the world all under one roof. The dinner buffet priced at Rs. 1345 ++ is absolutely worth a splurge. The ambiance during the day is filled with a lot of natural light and at nights the warm lighting sets the mood for a great evening ahead. On the service front, I appreciate the attention the staff gives to every table to ensure that the diners’ requests are met in the best of their capacity.

Feast at Sheraton, also offers a lunch buffet which is priced at Rs. 1195 plus applicable taxes and charges.

Parking is never a problem here. Valet service is available.

Quick Tips:
Go here to experience a world of flavors the buffet has to offer. 

Address: Sheraton @ Brigade Gateway, 26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleshwaram - Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560055
Landmark: Adjacent to Orion Mall in the same campus
Phone Number: +91 80 4252 1000

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