Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Banjara @ Gold Finch Hotels, Bangalore

One Sunday night, as we drove past M.G. road; we wondered which restaurant to visit for some good North India food. As we juggled between various options, my mind traced back to the amazing tandoori gobi (starter) and palak rice I had eaten one afternoon with 2 of my friends at Banjara restaurant - a part of the Gold Finch property. This is how; we decided upon where we would be dining that night.

The menu comprised of authentic North Indian delicacies. The listing is well split between the vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

What we ate:
Being just 3 of us, we knew one starter, one main course and breads would be all we’d need. So it was murg afgani tikka for starters, Paneer khurchan was our preference for main course which was accompanied by a couple of laccha parathas and butter naan.

We were served roasted papad and mint chutney to munch while to food was being prepared to be served to us. For a change, fresh lime soda was the preferred drink. by a c� � e o �I �I parathas and butter naan.

As requested by us, all food arrived at once. Murg afgani tikka was succulent and moist and did not need accompaniment to go along with. The meat was cooked to perfection. Paneer khurchan was rich, creamy and flavorful gravy with chunks of paneer drowned in it. Like the rest of the food, the parathas and butter naan too were served hot. The paratha was nice and flaky while the butter naan was really soft and loaded with butter. Both these breads were the perfect accompaniment to the delicious paneer.
Murgh Afgani Tikka (Right)
Paneer Khurchan

Desserts were nowhere yet on our minds; instead we had the same dish that actually brought us here.. YES - Palak rice. As expected, this came really hot and tasted heavenly. The creamy texture of the spinach gravy and rice left our taste buds so enticed that we were happy to take home the unfinished portion.

We were happy with the hospitality. The food was served hot, the staff was polite and gentle in greeting diners, they knew the menu well, and service was swift and efficient. While the service was great, one place where I would strike off a point is; poor lighting in the section we sat.

Valet parking is available which saves diners from the struggle of finding parking space for themselves which otherwise is a big task on this busy road.

Rs. 1200 will be the cost of an average meal for 2 here which includes with a couple of non alcoholic drinks, a starter, a main, a couple of breads and rice to share. Taxes and other charges are not a part of the average meal cost.

Address: Gold Finch Hotels, Cresent Road, Bangalore
Phone Number: +91 80 41291300

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