Friday, 8 August 2014

Asian Rooftop Bar - The Fatty Bao, Bangalore

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Be it 'Eggs in a Blanket with Mutton Keema' for breakfast at Monkey Bar, 'Ginger Roger' and 'Sloppy Joe' for lunch; again at Monkey Bar or 'The Bath Tub Special', 'Spicy Lamb Bao' and 'Sushi' at the erstwhile LikeThatOnly..... 

...... I have been a great fan of both the innovative food and drinks that get churned out from the kitchen and bar of Chef Manu Chandra and team. With Olive Beach and Monkey Bar to their credit, I was looking forward to the opening of this new Asian Gastro Bar - The Fatty Bao. It is a fun place which occupies 2 storeys above Monkey Bar in Indiranagar. I like this concept of 3rd floor offering an ambiance of a new Asian-Style dining and the 4th presenting itself as the super cool Asian rooftop bar. 

Finally the past week, I decided to head there with a cousin of mine for some drinks and short eats. This worked for us perfectly as the weather in Bangalore has been really nice and what better than a Rooftop bar to add to the experience!

The menu be it of beverages or the food is quite extensive. The signature cocktails have quirky names and even fascinating concoctions which in no time succeeded in grabbing my attention. There are also the classics, bottled beverages, interesting shots and a lot more on offer. 

On the food side, the menu is outright delicious and each page of the menu has the potential to stop you from progressing further. They have dim sums, Sushi, the signature open-faced bao, a diverse selection of short plates (this is the hardest section on the menu for a food lover), of course the famous Fatty Bao Ramen and the list goes on.

What We Ate:
We settled in quite early in the evening and spent the rest of our evening indulging in some sinfully delicious drinks and short eats. No... We did not eat Ramen. I've heard it's something that cannot be missed but if you read on, you'll soon know why we didn't; rather couldn't get into that territory.

I told you it was hard to go through the initial pages of the menu itself. We had 'Char Sui Bao', 'The Fatty Bao PB&J', 'Kam Heong Calamari' and California roll coming to our table and we had not even gone past Page 3/4 of the food menu. The portions are fabulous and each plate was shared between the two of us.

For drinks, it was 'Mandalay Bay' - a very Asian drink that came from the bar counter as a concoction of Jasmine Tea infused Vodka based drink which came shaken with lime juice, Orange slices and topped with Ginger Beer. Subtle flavours are the rules of the game here. The Jasmine tea infusion was delicate enough to leave lingering mild taste on the palate. The lime juice, orange slices and chilled ginger beer only make it more refreshing and a light and easy going drink.
Left: Mandalay Bay; Photo Credit: Kunal Chandra

'The Fatty Sour' is 'The Fatty Bao' twist to the classic 'Whiskey Sour'. Everything remains common except for the inclusion of a blend of raspberries. This drink is available in two forms - with or without egg white. I went with the egg white and it tasted fabulous. For those who are wondering and having second thought about the egg white - "'No' you don't smell nor taste the egg; instead it gives the drink a fabulous silky smooth texture and the froth to top it all." The Jameson Whiskey was definitely present in good measure and you know it in every sip as you enjoy the smokiness of the whiskey. A perfectly balanced drink, with the flavors complementing each other beautifully.
Photo Credit: Kunal Chandra

It was en evening where pork ruled in the food department. We had 2 pork dishes on the table and each contending really hard to take the top spot, there sure was a party going on in our heart, stomach and mind. 'The Fatty Bao PB&J' was outright delicious and succulent. The Mustard-Miso JAM exuded flavor from the very moment it got into the mouth, soon to be followed by the awesomeness of the pork itself. The two of my memorable moments of having wonderful pork belly are both at different restaurants of Chef Manu Chandra - erstwhile LikeThatOnly and now The Fatty Bao.

'Char Sui Bao' was just out of this world. It had all the right ingredients, the perfect proportion of the bun, the smokiness and sweetness of the sauce, the crunch from scallions and generous portions of delicious pork belly. The best way to enjoy this dish is to down all the goodness of the bao, shredded pork belly and all the works in not more than 3 bites. Yes, not more than 3 bites and you experience the magic of flavors and textures happen in your mouth. My cousin who had also been here for dinner the previous night of our visit absolutely loved the 'Char Sui Bao' for its multitude of flavors. 

The next plate had us addicted to it for the rest of the evening. It worked really well with the drinks. It was full of flavor from the coconut milk, chili and curry leaves, freshness of the squid rings was clearly evident and the portion lasted for most of the evening. The only example of a dish being cooked to perfection that I can think of is this -  'Kam Heong Calamari'. Having a tendency to get really chewy with the slightest of overcooking, this calamari melted in mouth effortlessly even after an hour of sitting on our table. Do I even need to say more?

Sushi rolls are generally what I love to eat on most occasions but this time it probably was the day of delicious pork and calamari. Yes, one dish that didn't excite me much was the 'California Roll'. Though nothing wrong with the taste and flavor, I did find the roll thinner than my liking. They would have made for an enjoyable eat if they were more fuller than the actual serving. 

With all of these small plates keeping us great company and our sweet tooth demanding attention, we decided to try out a dessert each and call it a day. One was the signature 'The Fatty Hill' - a mint centered chocolate pyramid which came covered with praline and rice crispies with vanilla gelato on the side and the other was a 'Lemon Tart'. Choosing between the two, we enjoyed the former better.
Photo Credit: Kunal Chandra

The elegant bar with tall bar chairs, the table set up for people who'd like enjoy a dining style experience, the not so loud music and the lovely Bangalore weather enhance the ambiance and set the mood for a lovely Asian rooftop bar experience. A perfect balance has been created between various elements like casual setting, comfort and privacy. 

As for the food and drinks, it was 2 wonderfully concocted cocktails, a whole lot of short eats and dessert to finish off. It sure was an evening that I look forward to having again. Apart from what we ate, the menu has a lot more interesting stuff. I know for sure that, "I'm going back here to enjoy some favorites and also explore the other interesting offerings on their menu." 

An evening for 2 with about 4 short eats, 2 desserts and 2 drink in all will cost around Rs. 2000 plus taxes and charges. 

Valet parking is available which makes it easy for diners who otherwise would have to go through the hassle of finding parking in the bylanes around 'The Fatty Bao'.

Quick Tips:
Make a reservation, choose your experience - dining or rooftop bar, go really hungry and in a group to enjoy the multitude of offering.

You've got to have the Bao, calamari, and pork belly when you are here. 

Address: #610, 3rd Floor, 12th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Opp. State Bank of India, Indiranagar, Bangalore
Phone Number: +91 80 4411 4499


  1. Sounds yum! good place for a dinner date? hows the interior seating?

  2. Ceee... A little late in responding.. It's a casual and fun seating (Interiors)... For a dinner date.. The roof top table open in the air will be a good option..