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An unforgettable evening with the inimitable Grand Masterchef Imtiaz Qureshi

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This legend strongly believes in his preaching – ‘Dil Se, Dimag Se and Mehnat Se’ and that’s exactly how he dishes out the food from his kitchen. He has singularly been responsible for reviving and gifting us the privilege of savoring the lost ancient cuisine of Dum Pukth. He has a rich history in the form of ancestors who have been Khansama’s or chefs to the nawabs of Lucknow. 

He has cooked for eminent personalities like Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Morarji Desai, Indira Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam and the list goes on.. He has also been responsible for leaving Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth in absolute love for Indian Kababs and food. An 85 year old legendary chef who Gordon Ramsay wishes lived in UK to change the perspective of Indian cuisine in all of United Kingdom. Gordon has been his humble student and has learnt the art of making a delicious Goat Biryani.   To no surprise, this man has an even interesting life history that he is ever willing to share. 

The numerous Indian restaurants that you dine at across ITC Hotel properties are a creation of this very man; the most famous being ‘Dum Pukth’. A man who has a reason and an inspiration behind each ingredient he uses or a recipe he creates; holds the same enthusiasm, eagerness and willingness to innovate and perfect in his cuisine. Books can be written about him yet words may not be enough to do full justice in introducing and describing this legend. Yes, I’m writing about none other than Grand Masterchef Imtiaz Qureshi.

August 9th, 2014 is a date I will remember forever. On this day, I got an opportunity to dine with this legend at the very restaurant ‘Dum Pukth Jolly Nabobs’ at ITC Windsor, Bangalore. Here, I not only got to savor the food he is famous for but also to interact with him and hear stories of his life and experiences for the rest of the evening. One thing I know for sure, while other Prime Minister’s have dined on the table of Chef Imtiaz Qureshi before me, “I have dined on his table before our current PM Sri Narendra Modiji.” ;) 

Again words cannot speak enough and his food is best experienced firsthand. My idea of sharing this post with you is to tempt and urge you to not miss this opportunity of dining at the table of the legendary Chef Imtiaz Qureshi. In Bangalore till 17th August at Dum Pukth Jolly Nabobs, ITC Windsor; here’s what you will get to indulge in – 
(Disclaimer: No words or image can do any justice to the food served on this table)

Badam Ki Galouti (Vegetarian) - A dish that has full potential to deceive the best of non-vegetarian. Even a hardcore non-vegetarian must eat this dish.

Murgh Zaffrani - Tender, succulent, simple ingredients and preparation with saffron and elaichi heading the fragrance and taste department.

Jhinga Qureshi - Succulent jumbo prawns stuffed with feta cheese and spinach; wrapped in a pastry casing. 

Raan-E-Huzoor - An exquisite preparation and marriage of Indian spices and dates with fall of bone tender meat of a whole leg of lamb. I can eat this dish each and everyday of my life with Sheermal.

Paneer Kundan Qaliya - In vegetarian, I love a dish that contains paneer and this one was very light bodied and went perfectly with Indian bread.

Anjeeri Aloo - Anjeer sandwiched slices of aloo in  a rich gravy packed with flavor. 

A dish that I do not have the photograph of but I absolutely loved was a 'crab meat dumpling in a methi (Fenugreek)  flavored gravy. The gravy was silken smooth, exuded the wonderful flavor of methi yet paired very well with the crab dumpling which equally exuded freshness and sweetness of the crab. I had it all by itself such was its flavor. 

We also had biryani on our table. This was quite innovative and different but really rich in flavor. Served stuffed in a whole chicken skin, it was great to be eaten standalone but Chef Imtiaz insisted on pairing it with an unusual but a fabulous preparation of ajwaini aloo. Trust me the flavors are inimitable. 

Though no space for dessert, I couldn't resist but ask for Begum's Pudding a signature dessert at Dum Pukth Jolly Nabobs.

I will just sign off with a reminder - 

The event on till 17th at Dum Pukth Jolly Nabobs - ITC Windsor is aptly called 'Inimitable Imtiaz'. In all true sense, this legend is inimitable and so is his cuisine and flavors. An event that cannot be missed is on for dinner with just 5 more days. 

Words cannot speak enough and his food is best experienced firsthand. Don't think twice, reschedule your calender and fit this dinner in....

Address: ITC Windsor, 25 Windsor Square, Golf Course Road, Near Sankey Road, Bangalore

Phone Number: +91 80 2226 9898

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