Friday, 25 July 2014

Food, Technology and #WhatTheBlack

The advent of technology has given this world a whole new dimension. The world has become a much smaller place to live in. It is due to technology viz. internet, personal computer, etc that I have been able to venture into this space called 'Blog'.

My blog Review Of Restaurants is one of the medium I use to express my passion for food and share good experiences in the dining space; be it in my very own city or through my travel escapades. Food is getting a lot of attention from me and so is technology. The later has only been getting better with each passing day and so is its contribution in my life.

Dining experiences become memorable due to various factors and one such factor that I lay emphasis on today is 'Color'. Imagine food being colorless or may be just black and white! Let's get more specific, imagine this lovely 'Lemon Cake' in the shade of just black and white (actually more black than white)
Lemon Cake - Color
Lemon Cake - Black & White

Today, experiences can be shared live in the form of tweets, posts, images etc. It's technology that helped me convert the color image to a black and white. Coincidentally, the software I used to do so also has a black background color.

This post is all about food, technology and color. To me food and technology make great partners and the color I am specifically speaking about today is 'Black'. Food space is getting busier and so is the technology space and with each passing day it provides better:
Portability and convenience
Performance and speed
Travel experience

Black is a color of importance and I have always been affectionate towards it. It's a color that cannot be ignored and so are the 5 products that are black in color. Yes, these are the very 5 products that are on my wish-list to have:

Connectivity: A new iPhone (5S or newer) - Color 'Black'
"You are more powerful than you can think... ", says the tag line of this product from Apple Inc. iPhone is a beautifully crafted phone with quality standards that are a benchmark in the industry. A new iPhone is expected to be announced in a month or so with a larger screen, better hardware and even richer in its feature set. This phone is expected to come with iOS 8 which only aims to take the user experience to a whole new height.

As a phone communication device, a larger screen, better processor and hardware, new features this phone is surely on my wish list and is a definitive way to connect food and technology.

Portability & Convenience: iPad Air 'Black'
An iPad Air is a product that looks beautiful in black. It's chick and sleek and perfectly fills the product space right between an iPhone and a laptop. While an iPhone is really handy and portable, it meets my need to stay in touch over the phone. On the other hand is a laptop that comes with space and weight issues.

So right in between is an iPad Air that is highly portable, convenient, light and makes for a perfect travel accessory. With applications like pages, numbers, adobe photoshop etc. it's easier to work on an iPad which has a much larger screen than an iPhone. Now you know why this forms a part of my wish list.

Performance and speed: Mac Pro - Color 'Black':
Okay! I admit, I am a great fan of Apple products. Why not! it creates a great synergy across various products. Like the portable devices iPhone and an iPad in wish-list, Mac Pro comes in black and with a beast of an engine it fits the bill of a work station. Perfect for high end video making, photo editing and more this work space provides a performance that's nothing short of spectacular.

The seamless connectivity and communication between Apple devices is truly a benchmark and makes managing data and resources even easier.

Travel: A Black SUV:
The world has been getting better of technology in terms of travel as well. Cars introduces way back in history were mere modes of transport from one place to another. Now, in addition to its mere utility, cars help create both experience and wonderful memories. Likewise, a holiday should be nothing short of fun, leisure, luxury and anything that makes its memorable.

What we wish to do and also excites us the most about travel is the fun of driving around and exploring destinations by road. Coincidentally, we love SUV's and what's better that having a black Honda CRV or Audi Q7.

Entertainment: Sony PlayStation 4 - Color 'Black'
Games are the best way to learn. One gets to learn team work, art of winning, accepting a loss and a lot more. Video games are fun and it all began for me with a Nintendo handheld in my childhood days, followed by Media Little master, Sony PlayStation 2 and then Nintendo Wii. They are a great source of entertainment and a wonderful stress buster.

Coming in black, I tried my hand at the PS4 console at of of the Sony Center and find Play Station 4 is high on graphics, game play and what interests me most is the internet gaming features. Looking forward to grab a console soon.

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