Monday, 24 February 2014

Syrian Christian Festival @ Karavalli, Bangalore

After a fabulous meal at Karavalli during their Aqua Fest in November, I was more than looking forward to revisiting Karavalli. When they announced a new festival - Syrian-Christian Festival which is on till the 28th of Feb, this was it. Being Syrian-Christian festival and not aqua fest, the focus in non-vegetarian was rightly on various meats like chicken, lamb and sea food.To host the event, Karavalli had brought down a specialist chef of Syrian-Christian cuisine.

It started with the usual jaggery to cleanse our palate and followed by some hot rasam to sip on. Once done with it, we sampled a variety of starters like - Nandan Konju Ularthu which was tiger prawns dish, Kera Pepper Fry - a tuna fry, Kozhi Roast needs no introduction and Attirachy Varattiyathu - a lamb dish. Of all of these starters, I personally liked the lamb, chicken and prawns dish. 
Tiger Prawns

Kozhi Roast

Lamb starter

The vegetarians on the table had 'Oggaraneda Aritha Pundi' which were more like round mini idlis tossed in mustard seeds, cumin and coconut, a mushroom dish - which I din't try and a really nice 'Vazhapoo cutlet' which is nothing but banana and sweet potato cutlets.
Vazhapoo Cutlet

Oggaraneda Aritha Pundi

In the mains, it was 'Meen Moilee'; a fish preparation in coconut milk with spices', Koorka Chemmen Peralan'; a prawn curry based of again coconut milk, Chicken Varatharachathu and 2 more vegetarian mains. My pick of the best among these will definitely go to the prawn curry and chicken varatharachathu. All of this was best enjoyed in the company of 'Puttu', 'kallappam' and appam.
The mains - curries


Desserts were mild on sweetness and 3 of the 4 were a steamed preparation. This definitely was not the most interesting course of our meal. If asked to recommend a dessert from the four which were a part of the festive menu, I sadly wouldn't be able to recommend any to you.

But if you ask me, for a dessert from their regular menu, I will without a second thought say, "Banana Caramel Ice Cream". Yes, this was something I wouldn't miss having in any of my visit to Karavalli.

In all, the experience was not an overwhelming one but if you wish to visit and try the Syrian-Christian food here is a summary of my pick from their festive menu - 
Kozhi Roast - A chicken dish (Starter)
Attirachy Varattiyathu - A lamb dish (Starter)
Koorka Chemmen Peralan - Prawn curry with appam and puttu

Address: Ground Floor, Gateway, Hotel No. 66, Residency Road, Bangalore
Phone Number: +91 80 6660 4545

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