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'A Pinch of Persian' at The Persian Terrace, Sheraton Bangalore

And it ends on March 2, 2014.......................

It is a rarity that something beats the Bangalore weather; especially the way our evenings have been for the last few days. It only goes one notch up when you can dine in with a starry sky right above you. Isn't it?

Now, what if I say, “the levels become hard to match when the food and ambiance have you wishing to just pack your bags and travel to the Mediterranean land; if not teleporting you to the wonderful land right away”?

This is exactly what Puja and I experienced when we dined at Persian Terrace. Persian Terrace is a highly acclaimed restaurant and one the 3 jewels of Sheraton Bangalore at Brigade Gateway; the other two being Bene – their Italian restaurant and Feast – the coffee shop serving global cuisine under one roof. It was a long pending visit and we couldn't resist visiting it last night after being tempted by the food photos of their ongoing festival ‘A Pinch of Persia’. 

Seating @ The Persian Terrace

As a part of this festival, a special menu has been curated by ‘Chef Abdel Wahed’ who is the visiting chef from Sheraton Sharm Hotel, Resort, Villas & Spa. This specially curated menu has a wide range of selection across meal courses which include hot and cold mezze, salads, mains and desserts. The menu has a bit of various Mediterranean cuisines which include Persian, Lebanese, Turkish and more; hence the name ‘A Pinch of Persia’. There is plenty for non-vegetarians to choose from with a fairly decent selection for the vegetarians too. 

With a menu listing food dishes as delicious as it can get, we were soon in a fix on all that we can eat. Chef Abdel was kind enough to help us pick food for each course of our meal. It may come as a surprise to you all, but we had more vegetarian food on our table last night than non-vegetarian and I equally enjoyed relishing the vegetarian as much as I did with the non-vegetarian. Over the course of the next hour or more, we treated our senses and stomach to some hot and cold mezze (small plate servings or starters), salad, mains and dessert. Below is a pictorial review of what we ate (I wish, I was here for lunch only to do justice to the food photographs). 

Hot Mezze: Sambousek Cheese  - A nice crunchy pastry casing with all the delicious goodness of feta cheese, herbs and Arabic spices stuffed inside.

Salad: Olive Salad - Olives stuffed with red capsicum mixed with veggies and feta cheese. topped with a drizzle of olive oil and pomegranate sauce.. WOW!

Cold Mezze: Vine Leaves - Wrapped with a stuffing of rice, onion, tomato, fresh mint and pomegranate sauce
Cold Mezze: Baba Ganoush - Roasted eggplant with yellow and red capsicum, olive oil and pomegranate. Have eaten this before but none anywhere close to this wonderful preperation

Hot Mezze: Sojok Roll - Minced lamb marrided with Arabic spices, spread on Arabic bread, rolled and deep fried..  By looks or thoughts it's hard to imagine how exquisite the flavor of this lamb preparation was. I couldn't help but prolong eating these rolls

Veg Main: Tagine Couscous with mixed veggies - Nice and subtle flavors
Non-Veg Maincourse: Kebab Azmeer - Delicious, tender, melt in mouth Lamb kebabs with pine nuts and mozzarella cheese served with Syrian bread. 'Goodness on a plate!!!'

Dessert: Maamoul Walnuts - Semolina dumplings stuffed with nuts and dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Mild sweetness coming from dusted sugar and a nice flavor of Cinnamon. Nice!

Dessert: Mohalabia - Traditional Egyptian dessert made with milk, pistachio and dry coconut. Custard like consistency, this was delicious. Guess what - this dessert got it's zing from the grated orange zest which was also used in preparation. You get the zest in every spoonful.

At the end of it, Puja and I were happy souls who drove back discussing about making a trip to the Mediterranean land. 

An average meal for two? 2500 ++ - Definitely worth every penny being spent. 

Just 2 days left!!! To reserve your table at The Persian Terrace, call Sheraton Bangalore on - 080 4252 1000 or click

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