Thursday, 13 February 2014

Featured in Media: An interview with Wooplr - A fashion and food discovery website

For the past week, 'Wooplr - a fashion and food discovery website' featured my interview on their website - Here is a snippet of what was published on their website - 

Nitin Kandhari is an avid food lover, passionate about trying out different restaurants and cuisines. He loves to travel and explore places; not really as an adventurer, but more as a nature admirer, party animal, culture explorer and primarily as a gourmet explorer. Someday, he wishes to travel the world to savour the culinary delights and share his experiences. Though he currently does not cover travel experiences, he believes; the very passion for food and travel complemented with a discerning palate and the joy of recommending good food and restaurants resulted in his blog Review Of Restaurants.

A Product Manager by profession, Nitin also loves to photograph food, mix cocktails and boasts a fantastic liquor collection for his home bar. He says, “While the duration of commute to and from work is long; it’s fine, for it gives an opportunity to explore and grab a quick bite at small neighborhood food joints and review them later.” When not working and commuting he is sleeping, watching a travel channel or a movie and spending time with family.

Words from the man himself…
Wooplr: What are the craziest things you have ever eaten?
Nitin: A friend got me to eat curd rice and Pepsi.. Please don’t ask me how it tasted.

Wooplr: If you could splurge on one thing, what would it be?
Nitin: Food in general but that one thing I want to splurge on is the ‘Traditional Afternoon Tea’ experience at The Ritz Hotel London – It’s an elaborate affair at the iconic ‘Palm Court’

Wooplr: If we took a peek in to your refrigerator, what would we find?
Nitin: Habanero Parmesan cheese slices.
Apart from that, “Frankly.. Nothing really interesting.”
I love to eat out and I do that at every given chance so really don’t feel the need to stock up interesting stuff.

Wooplr: Tell us about your favourite dishes and where you have had them.
Nitin: 1. Lamb Biryani. Nothing comes even close to it. The best I have eaten is at Dum Pukth Jolly Nabobs, ITC Windsor Bangalore.
2. Fish N’ Chips with mushy peas at London Heathrow Airport

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