Sunday, 25 August 2013

BBQ Workshop at Weber Experience Center, Bangalore

Grilling and Barbeque sessions are always a fun activity. Weber organized an Independence day workshop at the Weber Experience Center. Having always fancied cooking outdoors on a grill, I jumped at the opportunity to attend this workshop.

The day complimented very well with the session by presenting us the perfect weather to be cooking outdoors.  With a round of introductions we jumped in preparation and cooking mode. Over the course of the next 4 - 5 hours, each of us participants shared responsibilities and got working right from preparations like kneading the dough for the pizza, slicing and dicing of vegetables, marinating the meat, assembling the desserts, grilling, baking and more.

With Neetha leading and guiding us through her recipes, we ended up cooking and eating the following:

Multigrain Pizza –Thin crust & Cheese Burst Pizza
Paneer Tikka on Skewers
Gooey Choco Lava Cake
Malabar Stuffed Chicken - A whole chicken stuffed with seasoned veggies

Herbed Grilled Chicken Tikka Sizzler with BBQ sauce

Apple-Walnut Pie

Yes!!! All of this was prepared on the Weber Grill.

At the workshop, I got to meet some lovely people with a common connecting factor - Food. In addition to meeting people, grilling and eating a lot of food, we also learnt:

1. Grill basics such as lighting charcoal, maintaining grill temperature and grill safety

2. Marinating techniques
3. Grilling meats & vegetables
4. Use of grill accessories
5. Baking on the grill

In all, the workshop was very informal, gave me a hands on experience, was very educative and a lot of fun. At the end of the workshop, I was left with a happy and overloaded tummy, an experience and a lot of learning to take away.

Interested? Does Weber organize these workshops on a regular basis? Do you wish to enroll?
Yes, there are 3 types of BBQ workshops that are organized at the Weber Experience Center:
1. Introductory Weber BBQ Familiarization Workshop (Free)
2. Intermediate Weber BBQ Workshop (~ Rs. 1500 per person) * this is the one I attended*
3. Advanced Weber BBQ Workshop (~ Rs. 3000 per person)

For more details or to enroll for the Weber BBQ workshops, you can contact them either on phone, email or follow them on their FB page to stay updated.

Phone Number: 9900027067 / 080-42406666
Follow Weber India on FB, click here.

Address: 11/2, Haudin Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore 560042

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