Saturday, 18 April 2015

Celebrate #BaisakhiAtJW with Chef Jolly @ JW Marriott, Bengaluru

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It denotes celebration of harvest and also a celebration of their New Year. A celebration with pomp, festivity and rich gourmet indulgence can be none other that Punjab's very own; rich in tradition and heritage Baisakhi festival.

Though thousands of miles away from Punjab; this vibrance of colors, the liveliness of the streets of Amritsar and a culinary indulgence of the state of Punjab has been recreated by Chef Jolly and his team at JW Marriott Bengaluru's pool side restaurants - Spice Terrace.

Hailing from Punjab himself and emphasising on the importance of keeping it authentic; Chef Jolly spend time in Punjab to bring the nuances of the masters themselves. There's no shying away from the fact that Punjabi's love their food rich and scrumptious but what surprised me was that a sizeable chunk of the population in Punjab are vegetarians. Okay! what if I said 'Majority'?

Moving on it was a long evening that started with a Roohafza shikanji a twist to well, the roohafza itself. It was sweet, had a nice lingering flavor of lime and mint with the crushed ice added to it just adding a perfect marriage of flavors, crunch and temperature.

Over to food, it Punjabi indulgence and it's got to start with a nice and fresh Amritsari Macchi which is a fish coated with a seasoned batter and fried. Soon followed was also one of the stars of the day - Lamb chops. This was no fancy New Zealand lamb but was our very own desi lamb which was perfectly marinated to have the spices and flavor seep into the meat.

For vegetarians, there was sheekh kebab, rajma ki tikki, paneer and lots more. There was so much to eat that I decided to stick to non-vegetarian. Bhatti da murgh was succulent and flavorful. Tandoori Jhinga were juicy and perfectly crunch prawns marinated with tandoori spices and cooked in a tandoor. I could have eaten more but knew mains would follow soon.

In mains, no guesses required - baingan da bhartha, tawa chicken, mutton keema kaleji,  and of course the maa di daal.  I loved the simplicity of the baingan da bartha followed closely by the taw chicken. All of this was accompanied by assorted breads but right from the beginning, I had my eyes and mind set for the Amitsari Kulcha. When it was time, I did not deviate. It surely made for a lovely combination for the mains.

For desserts, I tried the badam da halwa, gulab jamun and jalebi with rabdi. My personal favorite of the batch was the gulab jamun.

What I tried was just a small segment of the buffet which is priced at 1599 plus taxes and charges. With just 2 days to go I recommend you head down to JW Marriott Bengaluru till 19th April to celebrate #BaisakhiAtJW with Chef Jolly.

Address: 24/1, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore - 560001
Phone Number: +91 80671 89999

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