Monday, 20 April 2015

Reminiscing an evening of Peroni Aperitivo

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Relishing an age old culture that began trending in Italy in the late 17th Century, Peroni organised an elegant and exclusive 'Aperitivo Evening' earlier this month. In a long time, I cannot recollect an evening that was more exclusive and elegant. In fact by just the idea of it, I quite looked forward to this evening hosted by Peroni India at Bang; Ritz Carlton Bengaluru's rooftop lounge.

While Italy is often said and known to have a dominant 'Food Culture'; an Aperitivo evening is the only exception for it clearly exudes 'Drinks Culture'. Friends catch up for socialising and spending a relaxed evening over drinks and Aperitivo meaning light snacks.

As the evening intended, we spent the rest of the evening catching up with friends, socialising and all of this in the company of the lovely Peroni Beer an extensive spread of Aperitivo. Here's a pictorial recollection of an unforgettable evening:

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