Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Wish-Dish: Piri Piri Fries @ McDonald's India

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"Each one of us has a favorite dish that keeps us going back to a specific restaurant time and again."

Extending on this statement, it may also be true that you not only love to relish it when you have a chance but also love recommending it to others. I know it for sure, I'd do that and that's exactly what I do in my Wish-Dish segment.

I love french fries and the portions for me always come in a large size. Sharing fries is usually not my preferred choice but then maybe I'm quite considerate. A couple of months ago, passing through a McDonald's drive-thru, I picked up a portion of their newly launched Peri-Peri fries and was hooked on to them in no time not realizing that this was a special promotion and will soon not be available on the regular menu.

Guess what! The Piri Piri fries are back again.

Have you spotted the below hoarding as you drive through the city? I think the hoardings are all around announcing the relaunch of Piri Piri fries in Bangalore. 
Hoarding as I drive by...

I like this campaign #UnshareMyFries as it make me NOT feel bad about not wanting to share my fries. 'Weird english' but then I know you're getting my point. On noticing the hoarding(s), I rushed to the McDonald's outlet to grab my portion of large Piri Piri fries and the rest of the conversation was between the fries and my stomach. 
Piri Piri Fries - This is how they arrive

What I love about these Piri Piri fries is that the Piri Piri powder mix comes in an accompanying sachet along with french fries, a shake shake bag and each one can balance the mixture to their desired taste levels. Your piri piri fries are ready when you've shaken the bag of fries with the accompanying spice mix. 

Shaken or Stirred? Shaken Piri Piri Fries
Another Shot - Piri Piri Fries
Wondering what's Piri Piri? 

Well, it's an African spice mix made from Bird's eye chili. Yes, It's the same Peri Peri spice mix or sauce you might have got your hands on before. Then why 'Piri Piri'? I don't know and I don't care. All I care about is eating these delicious fries.

What are you looking at? Go get you PiriPiri-licious fries from a McDonald's outlet near you.

Price: Pay Rs. 15 and upgrade to Piri Piri fries
PS: I wont share them with you but I might buy them for you.

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