Friday, 12 December 2014

Afghani Afternoons @ The Royal Afghan, ITC Hotels - Windsor, Bangalore

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A lot of things have been happening at #ITCHotels #Windsor, Bangalore. There was a Christmas cake mixing celebration, the super successful Afghani Afternoons at The Royal Afghan and also a new menu introduction at the South Indian specialty restaurant - Dakshin. The cake mixing celebration was a fabulous afternoon with Christmas joy spread in the air as if Christmas were tomorrow. I look forward to trying out the new introductions to the Dakshin menu; but for now, I'm all excited to share my experience of another great afternoon spent at ITC Windsor. They call it 'The Afghani Afternoons'.

A specially curated offer for the discerning diner saw a successful and fabulous response in October which had lead to its extension for the month of November and December. What's in store during 'The Afghani Afternoons'; every Saturday and Sunday is unlimited portions of melt in mouth kababs (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) and unlimited beverages which include the lovely Fratelli wine and Kingfisher beer. What better that enjoying all of this by the pool side in this lovely Bangalore weather!

End of November, I rushed to give this promotion a shot for I knew I could eat unlimited portions of my ever favorite Barrah Kabab, succulent chicken malai kabab, lovely chicken sheek, melt in mouth and perfectly spiced lamb sheek; and the list goes on to include a few more kababs from the highly regarded kitchen of The Royal Afghan.

Without saying much, here's me sharing with you a pictorial review of my rendezvous with Afghani food at a specially curated event called 'The Afghani Afternoon'

Mutton Sheek is what I'd naturally prefer but this plate of chicken sheek promised a burst of flavors and what must I say, "It did deliver the promise it showed; in each and every bite." A great start to a lovely Saturday afternoon.
Chicken Sheek Kabab
It was the first time I got my hands on the lamb sheek. It looked sinful and if eating it was a sin, I was all geared to committing it. The sheek was very well flavored with spices that hit the palate with the right notes. The marriage of the spices and the flavor of the meat itself married very well without overpowering the either. 
Lamb Sheek Kabab
Murgh Malai Kabab was down right succulent. It had a very rich texture and flavor coming from heavy cream and hint of coriander being used in its preparation.
Murgh Malai Kabab
Chilled Kingfisher Beer
Lovely Wine to go with the Kababs
My ever favorite is the Barrah kabab. I waited for this deadly plate of meat to arrive. It's Lamb marinated in a mixture of yogurt, various spices, malt vinegar and cooked in red hot embers. A bite into it and I know again that I can make a complete meal of just this one dish.
Barrah Kabab
Now here's the deal - A wonderful afternoon with unlimited kababs and unlimited beer and wine comes at a steal for just Rs. 999 for the vegetarians and Rs. 1499 for non-vegetarians. Taxes and charges extra. With all the delicious kababs served, you will not even see a need for a main course or probably have any space left for deserts.

In my perspective, this is an absolute steal and a food promotion that I highly recommend each one of you to visit while it lasts only till the end of this month. Do note, the Afghani Afternoons are on in ITC Windsor's The Royal Afghan only on Saturday and Sunday for lunch.

Quick Tips:
Go savor unlimited portions of the best North-West Frontier kababs in the company of unlimited wine and beer.

To make reservations please call 080 - 4140 1205

Address: The Royal Afghan, ITC Windsor, 25 Golf Course Road, Bangalore 560052
Phone Number: +91 80 4140 1205

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  1. Mouth watery Kebabs. I am loving it. I wish I could visit ITC Bangalore to have these yum dishes...