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mmmBurger Festival @ Smoke House Deli, Bangalore

My tryst with Smoke House Deli began with a friends visit one Sunday afternoon. It was an afternoon that left each of our stomach and heart very well satiated. The food was fabulous; most of the dishes hit the good notes be it the appetizers, the burger, Italian or continental. Desserts provided for a perfect end to a fantastic meal. This was enough to make for a good reason to visit Smoke House Deli again and again.

Burgers have always been successful in tempting me into submission. And this is what happened when I  heard about 'mmmBurger Festival' being hosted at both - 'Indiranagar' and 'Lavelle Road' outlet. One fine evening, I ended up at SHD with a cousin and no points for guessing, it was an evening spend over conversations and burgers.

First off, the special Menu - mmmBurger Festival menu. specially crafted by the chefs at SHD. This special menu on offer till 8th June, has an interesting selection for burgers and something for everyone; be it vegetarian and non-vegetarian. In addition to this, their regular menu is also on offer so there is plenty to choose from if you do not wish to go for burgers.

What We Ate:
Burger.. Burger.. Burger.. Yes, we tried 3 of the burgers that evening. It was 'Fried Chicken with Peri Peri Sauce', 'Lucy's Juicy' and the 'South-West Lamb Burger'. We also called for a martini each which we drank while the burgers arrived. All burgers come with a generous potion of french fries and a small portion of side salad. 

The star of the evening on our table was the 'Fried Chicken with Peri Peri sauce'. Do not get deceived by the hint of sweetness as you bite into it because by the time you think of peri-peri, you will then be introduced to the heat that comes from the sauce. What a wonderful transition! If heat is what you love then this has got to be your pick making this festival a must visit. 

'South-West Lamb' was a burger that I looked forward to get my hands on. A first bite into it and I could say the meat was of great quality and cooked perfectly to keep it moist and juicy. What did't work for me though was (in random bites, not all) a mystery ingredient that brought in a distinct flavor. Must have been a one off thing because a few friends who gave a shot at the SHD mmmBurger menu loved this burger.

'Lucy's Juicy' was an interesting take on the original Jucy Lucy, introduced and made famous by 5/8 Club (well, this can be debatable), Minneapolis, MN, USA. The original is a mined beef patty which comes with melted gooey cheese oozing out of the center of the patty on the very first bite. Here, it was the chicken patty with the melted cheese oozing out. This was nice but I'd have preferred the patty to be a minced lamb patty instead of chicken for the sheer flavor lamb meat imparts.

While these burgers will be gone post 8th June, I find solace in the super delicious Lamb burger from the regular menu at Smoke House Deli. I have enjoyed eating this on numerous visits and am glad it is a part of the regular menu.

For dessert, like always we indulged in a White Chocolate and Orange Creme Brulee.

The food, ambiance and service standards here have been quite consistent making me want to visit SHD on a time and again. The burger festival per say has a very interesting menu and some burgers do make their presence felt. A burger meal for 2 without drinks will cost around Rs. 800 plus taxes and charges and is more than sufficient to keep you away from hunger for the rest of the night.

SHD offers valet parking in both the Indiranagar and Lavelle road outlets.

Quick Tips:
This special 'mmmBurger Festival' menu is available only till the 8th of June. Go give it a try; it surely is worth a visit.
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Address: Ground Floor, No. 52 & 53, Lavelle Road, Bangalore 560011
Phone Number: +91 80 4127 6272 

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