Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Cafe xtasi, Pondicherry

3 friends from Bangalore visited Pondicherry over the weekend and explored the city and hangouts. All we did there was relaxed, eat, and drink... this kept repeating all through the weekend. Going through the city magazine, we discovered Cafe Xtasi and with a little review research headed to this restaurant for a late Sunday lunch.

The cafe just outside its entrance had a wood fired oven by the side. The entrance leads us to this cafe with very simple and basic interiors. The cafe was about 60% occupied which is very good considering it was past 3.30 (odd hours).

The menu has a wide range of pizza selection for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. You get o choose from a total of 75 different pizzas. Each listing is well classified into vegetarian and non-vegetarian section on the menu. Their pizzas come in 3 standard sizes (small, medium, large) and 1 jumbo size. At café Xtasi, if ordering a medium, large or jumbo pizza; you are given an option to go for half and half pizza which is a mix 2 pizzas from the menu.

What we ate
We went in for 2 medium pizzas - 1 was veg and another non-veg. With the option available to call for half & half pizza, our vegetarian friend after a lot of confusion (from being spoilt for choice) ordered Half of Vegetate and another half of Panpepp. We non-vegetarians ordered for half CHUKINI and half TANIZZA – both of which had chicken toppings. 

Sorry for the poor image quality. This probably was a result of our hunger.   ;-)
Non - Vegetarian Pizza
Vegetarian Pizza - 1/2 & 1/2

The pizzas arrived in about 15 minutes and were all washed down accompanied by coke in no time by us 3 hungry musketeers. The pizza base was very light and thin. The toppings were really generous and every pizza had a very distinct flavor. Though both (actually 4; if we consider the 1/2 & 1/2 option) the pizzas were fantastic. A special attention grabber was the PANPEPP pizza which had cream drizzled over as one of the topping.

By the time we finished, we were so full that we barely had the energy to walk. I can with confidence say that, "Cafe xtasi has served me the finest pizza I have ever eaten." I highly recommend this place for delicious pizzas. For travelers, this is one place you should; by no means miss when in Pondicherry.

Travelers (from outside of Tamil Nadu) may face some concerns with service at restaurants in Pondicherry for the main reason that the staff generally communicate in Tamil and find it difficult to understand another language. So was the case here; when we interacted with the staff. Otherwise, we had no trouble in placing the order and having the order served.

We were on a 2 wheeler and had no difficulty in finding parking space. However, with its location on a very busy road, finding parking for a four wheeler can be a hassle, especially if you happen to visit this place on regular work days.

A medium sized non-vegetarian pizza would cost anywhere around Rs. 550 can be termed as expensive when one considers it is Pondicherry or considering what one pays in Bangalore for wood fired pizzas in a fine dine restaurant. If ignored, the pizzas here are worth every penny shelled out.

Quick Tips
Pizzas are served all day unlike most places in Pondicherry which do not serve lunch post 3 or 3.30 PM.

The toppings on the pizzas are generous. The owner of the café especially recommended not opting for extra cheese as a topping when we requested for it.

Oh yes! I am def. going back to this place when in Pondicherry again and hope to try the jumbo pizza for its sheer size I am currently imagining about.

Address: #2458, Mission Street, (Opp. VOC School),  Pondicherry 605001
Phone Number: 0413 - 4209062, +91 9043023470

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