Thursday, 1 November 2012

Bharawan Da Dhaba, Amritsar

I was in Amritsar for just a day and had just 2 things in my to do list during this visit:
1) Pray (@ Darbar Sahib/golden temple)
2) Eat (@ Bharawan da Dhaba)

In this space, I will share my experience of dining at Bharawan da dhaba.

Being on a family holiday, 8 of us went to Bharawan da Dhaba which is located in the very much accessible - Town Hall area of Amritsar. The restaurant serves only vegetarian food and seems quite familiar because the taxi driver took us right there with just a mention of the Bharawan da dhaba.

The restaurant has a small entrance which was really crowded with people walking in and out of the restaurant. On entering the restaurant, I saw the restaurant's large hall packed with family, couples, and foreigners to full capacity. 

Within a few minutes of being seated, we were presented with menu cards. Needless to say, the menu was filled with the rich and tempting Punjabi food options.

What we ate:
Being in Punjab, it is hard not to get tempted to try the paneer, chole and dal makhni. To devour all of this, we decided to call for a special veg thali which also included boondi raita, salad, rice, pickle, papad and 2 lacchha parathas. The paneer, chole and dal makhni were excellent and the portions too were well sufficient for the accompaniments. The lacchha parathas were hot and fresh from the tandoor loaded with butter on top. It was not only delicious to eat but also a delight to watch the paratha with butter smothered over it. Boondi raita was loved so much that we called for additional portions of it.

A meal in Punjab is best accompanied by sweet lassi and the one served here was very nice and refreshing. Unfortunately, I could not get hold of the glass for a picture.

There is nothing better than a sweet ending. My search for a perfect phirni ends here. It was served just the way I always wished to eat it - cold, in a small disposable vessel made of clay, nice thick paste like consistency, garnish of some dry fruits. Perfect! 

Indeed a very satisfying meal.

The service was very nice and polite. In spite of being full house, the service was brisk, food served was fresh and hot. Even better, repeat orders were entertained with a smile. The atmosphere was really nice, comfortable and relaxed with a nice mix of crowd.

An average meal for 2 here which includes a couple of thalis, lassis and dessert is very pocket friendly and will cost anywhere between Rs. 500 to Rs. 700.

Ohh and Yes.. 

The food here was loved so much that one of our meat lover (who planned to eat non-veg for another meal in Amritsar) said, “If I get such amazing vegetarian food to eat, I don’t mind skipping the plan to eat non-vegetarian food in Amritsar.”

Address: Town Hall, Amritsar
Phone Number: 0813 2532575


  1. Payal went to this place a couple of years ago and loved the place! Still remembers the food and lassi, despite not being a fan of Punjabi food!

  2. I'm sure... I do not remember enjoying vegetarian food so much before..