Friday, 22 July 2016

Taste of Britain Curry Festival @ ITC Windsor

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Did you know! The first curry serving restaurant that opened up in Britain was way back in the year 1804. From then to now; statistics say, “Britain has more curry serving restaurants than the number in Mumbai and Delhi put together”. This stat clearly speaking of the demand for curries and its popularity in Britain. Someone I met recently quoted, “Brits came to India with gun powder and left India with curry powder”.

Some chefs in Britain have gained huge popularity for the curries offered at their restaurants in different parts of Britain. In association with Curry Life magazine from Britain, ITC Windsor hotel has flown down 4 award winning chefs who are contributing to the popularity of good curries in Britain and a Michelin Star chef from Britain to express the ‘Taste of Britain’.

2 hotspots under the roof of the plush and elegant ITC Windsor hotel are showcasing a ‘Taste of Britain’ in 2 different formats:
1. Raj Pavilion offering a buffet spread that comprises of the hotels signature spread offering cuisines from the world over now has one section of this lovely buffet spread dedicated to the curries from Britain; an inspiration from the Indian Sub-continent and it’s neighboring countries. 

2. Dublin the Irish pub housed at ITC Windsor plays host to a limited edition English pub menu specially curated by ‘Mark Paynton’ a Michelin Star chef. This menu has a limited offering but hold signature dishes from Mark’s Menu back in Cambridge, Britain. While Raj Pavilion offers ‘Taste of Britain’ in a buffet format, Mark’s Menu is an a-la carte offering at Dublin.

Here’s a sneak-Peak at what I tried yesterday when I went down to experience the ‘Taste of Britain’ showcase.
1. Some of the curries I tried and loved at Raj Pavilion from the Britain curry festival: 
Mughlai Lamb Shanks
Chichinga (Ridge Gourd) Chingri (Prawn) Curry
Balti Chicken
L: Mango Fish Curry; R: Gosht Anda Biryani

2. Highlight’s from Mark’s Menu offered at Dublin:
Lamb Rump Tarter, Pickled Turnips & Radishes, Crisp Bread, Parmesan & Charcoal Mayonnaise
Blue Cheese, Broccoli, Pickled Red Grape & Almond Praline Salad
Roast Breast of Chicken, Mushroom, Peas, Asparagus & Madeira Sauce
Sea Bass, Cauliflower Textures, Raisins, Champagne Veloute
Strawberries, Vanilla Cream, Lime Meringue & Strawberry Ice Cream
Baked Yoghurt, Vanilla Ice Cream, Poached Blackberries
Note: What's not in pictures is a photograph of the fantastic Asparagus Veloute, Whipped Goat Cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Garlic brushed tomatoes. This was a fabulous asparagus soup of sorts with a side serving of delicious whipped goat cheese, and garlic brushed tomatoes. This is a must have from Mark's menu. 

The fantastic team of Chefs, Hoteliers and journalists among the few to have wonderfully curated this food festival:
Team - Taste of Britain Curry Festival
Michelin Star Chef - Mark Paynton
The dinner buffet at Raj Pavilion is priced at Rs. 1800++ and the average cost of a-la carte meal by Michelin Star Chef Mark at Dublin will be around Rs. 2000++ per head. What’s to remember is that this showcase is available for experience at ITC Windsor, Bangalore; only till the 24th of July.

Address: ITC Windsor, 25 Windsor Square, Golf Course Road, Near Sankey Road, Bangalore
For Reservations - Phone Number: +91 80 4140 1205

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