Saturday, 4 June 2016

World On A Plate: International Food Festival with 3 Culinary Magicians

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Some days can be really really special and today was just one I hoped for but did not anticipate it coming. Bangalore for weeks now has this buzz and excitement doing rounds about the 3 of their favourite judges (I believe that's unanimous)from Australia who have been scheduled to visit India; not just Bangalore for the first time ever together.

The moment is now! They are here and they came to occupy the 3 empty seats set ready for them and select few of us waiting eagerly to welcome them at @JWMarriottBLR.

This meet & greet conference was set to announce the launch of the international food festival 'World On A Plate' curated and conceptualised by Gold Rush Entertainment who get full credit for bringing the gods of culinary world to Bangalore.

Kiran Soans, CEO of Gold Rush Entertainment started with a welcome note giving way to come face to face with the 3 hosts / judges who are loved world over - George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan and non other than Matt Preston.

At the conference we were served up 3 dishes; one each prepared by George, Matt and Gary themselves in the same order below.

Over the next 2 days, International food festival 'World On A Plate' will feature exclusive masterclass sessions by each of these culinary masters, tete-a-tete where guests can interact and ask culinary questions as a part of the festival on day 01 - June 04, 2016.

An exciting day 01 makes way for another action packed day 02 which features head chefs from across the city compete in a cook-off which will be a blind tasting and for the coveted title of 'Restaurant of the year' judged by none other than 3 magicians of the culinary world; Matt, George & Gary.That's not all, we patrons get to elect a restaurant to win the 'People choice of the year' award too. It does not end here as you can indulge in a Sunday brunch specially prepared for you by these 3 Musketeers from Australia.

What are you waiting for? Go have a great weekend ahead like never before in the company of Matt, Gary & George.


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