Monday, 2 May 2016

Travel Diaries: Day 02 - Exploring Chawri Bazaar & Chandni Chowk - #DilliKeDehlviRang with JW Marriott Delhi Aerocity

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Day 01 was fantastic and the verdict for day 02 in Delhi, exploring #DilliKeDehlviRang with JW Marriott Hotel Delhi Aerocity was even better; elevating the experience and memories to scales hard to imagine. I've been to ‪Delhi‬ numerous time but none have been like the visit this time. It's been an experience to cherish. Half way through day 2, I was already looking forward to the next 24 something hours that were yet to come through.

What am I saying? What am I doing? 

It's probably the first time in around 100 odd posts, it's probably the first time that I'm starting an article with a conclusion. It was that bloody good. However, creating one memory at a time, I bring back my focus to the various diverse experiences from day 02 of this trip - 

- A wonderful breakfast at DBC to ensure we kick start our morning really well and set us up for the rest of the day.

- Drive in an ‪#‎Audi‬ & ‪#‎Mercedes‬ with Delhi Metro & a dedicated cycle rickshaw in between. (That's how diverse our experiences were)

- Touring the spice market to arrive at Chandni Chowk, Delhi 6 where the experience only unfolds further.

- Visiting the famous Natraj Dahi Bhalle walla, Parathewala - Paratha Gali, Chandni Chowk, Delhi - 6, 78 year old Daal ke pakode wala to name a few.

- Spiritual touch at the Gurudwara Sees Gunj Sahib, chandni chowk, Delhi (my trip to Delhi is never complete without a visit here). Oh! the walk out from the gurudwara with the Karah that's just out of this world. 

- Finding the famous doulat ki chaat (Yes! at this time of the year)

On the way back to the hotel, couldn't resist myself from digging into these carrots and radish that looked as fresh as ever.

A wonderfully curated and coordinated day thus far; were the thoughts running on my mind; yet acknowledging the fact that the penned down experience does no justice to what was really experienced with the group of blogger friends and the team from JW Marriott Delhi Aerocity. 

It had been a great first half of the day and I really looked forward to what's in store for the rest of the evening. I knew what it was, you know what it was but for now - Signing off to come back with more experiences to share. 

Always wishing you safe and fun travels!

Note: This event was attended on invitation from JW Marriott Delhi Aerocity. However, the opinions expressed are solely mine and are absolutely unbiased nor influenced by the brand in any way.

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