Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Getting into Bali (Indonesia) has never been easier 'Visa on Arrival Decoded'

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Bali - a floating island state of Indonesia has a very distinctive culture. It may best be described as a wonderful marriage of complimentary opposites. A famous tourist destination among the Australians; this Indonesian state has been attracting a lot of visitors from India as well. 

A vacation was on the cards and the destinations of our pick were Bangkok and Hua Hin in Thailand and Bali in Indonesia. Bali was our first destination for the holiday. We flew Thai Airways (via Bangkok) and the flight brought us into Denpasar, Bali at around 2 past noon. With a lot of the day already being spent travelling to get to Bali; we headed straight to the immigration counters.

The process was really simple and technically does not need more than a few minutes. If you are an Indian passport holder and travelling to Bali, here's a checklist of what you will need to carry with you and to get through the immigration process on arriving at Bali:
  • Passport must be valid for more than 6 months as on the completion date of travel
  • 2 passport size photos on a white background (>80% coverage)
  • Visa fee of USD 35 per person as an entry fee to Bali
  • Completed application forms (immigration and customs form) provided on flight to Bali
  • Itinerary and return air tickets

With the necessary requirements met, here's what you can expect on arriving at Bali - 
  • Get ready for your immigration process by sliding in your boarding pass and completed immigration and customs form in between your passport pages.
  • Follow the airport sign boards and you will be guided to the payment counters where USD 35 per person will be collected against each passport as an entry fee into Bali. Retain the payment receipt in the passport along with the boarding pass and other forms.
  • Head to the immigration counter where you will be asked to produce your passport along with the boarding pass, visa payment receipt and the immigration form.
  • Get ready for a photograph at the immigration counter and receive your passport with a 30 day visa stamp.
  • Proceed to baggage carousal, collect your baggage and then head towards the custom clearance counter before finally heading out of the airport to your desired destination in Bali.

Quick Tips:
Keep your itinerary and return tickets handy for the need of these may arise at the immigration counters.

With the influx of travelers, the queue can get really long and thus taking at least an hour or more to get through the complete process.

Note: An exit fee of IDR 200,000 (equivalent of approx. USD 20)  is levied at the airport during departure from Bali. The currency needed is IDR - the local currency of Indonesia.

Happy & Safe Travels!

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