Thursday, 30 May 2013

Annapoorna, Bangalore

Quite often, I tend to enjoy eating food in the confines of my home for various reasons. Most often being that, “I am lazy to get dressed for a restaurant or may be enjoy a movie alongside a drink and lots of food.” No points for guessing, the food source is usually a takeaway or home delivery. While this happens quite often, it is the first time I am putting this down on record.

The Home-Bound Series that I'd like to call 'maison lié' series begins with a take-away from ‘Annapoorna’ an Andhra style restaurant housed in ‘Hotel Annapoorna’. This is an age old joint that has been serving up delicious Andhra style fare for decades.  The ambiance here is very simple and basic with nothing more that can be written about. 

Annapoorna has a laminated one page menu with limited but more than sufficient listing to cater to ones need. The listing includes biryani, non-vegetarian starters, veg. meals and for take-away they also have carrier meals which suffices for 3 – 4 members. 

What we ate:
For our take-away, we placed our order at the cash counter and requested for banana leaves to be provided as well with our parcel. What we took home to devour was a portion each of chicken roast (Rs. 100), mutton fry (Rs. 120), chicken biryani (Rs. 110) and mutton biryani (Rs. 130).

Starting from the bottom right and moving clock-wise is mutton biryani, chicken biryani, sherwa (gravy) and raita for the biryani, chicken roast and mutton fry. The biryanis were full of flavor yet light and easy on the stomach. Though both the biryanis were delicious; the milder and more balanced flavor of the chicken biryani appealed more to my taste buds.
Another View

The lack of flavor in the chicken roast left me disappointed. On the other hand, the mutton fry was packed with flavor and spices. The aroma of the mutton fry was sufficient to fall in love with this preparation; needless to say it tasted divine.

Since we did a take-away, I must mention that the biryanis came packed in individual aluminum foil packets and the rest were packed in boxes. We did not need to wait for long for our food to be readied to takeaway. The restaurant was kind enough to oblige when we asked for banana leaves to be provided as well.

Two of us had a hearty meal and were stuffed to our throats by the time we finished. For this meal, we paid just Rs. 460 all inclusive (there are no additional taxes and charges). Oh! No packaging or container charges as well.

Quick Tips:
Go here for a scrumptious and a quick meal, Andhra veg. meals, chicken biryani and mutton fry. CAUTION! Mutton fry is high on spices.

Do not go if you cannot take the spice or ambiance is your prime focus.

Address: 6th cross, Gandhinagar, Majestic Area, Bangalore
Phone Number: +91 80 25352218 / 22912755


  1. Long ago when I worked on Race Course Road, Annapoorna was where we headed 3 out 7 days a week. The meals are unbeatable. The precision in serving and everything was always steaming hot. We always stuck to the mutton biryanis and the quantities always ensured a nice snooze in the afternoons, even on a work day.

  2. Ruth, totally agree..

    I also love the way they bring the starters on a really tiny plate piled high. A perfect accompaniment for me if I go in for their meals.

  3. Nice review! Do these guys have the "carrier meals" too? The one that is fit enough for 4 or more?

    1. Hi Vishal,

      They do have carrier meals too which suffices for a group of 3 to 4 people. Really good for a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch..

      Cheers, Nitin