Monday, 18 February 2013

Berry'd Alive, Bangalore

Browsing through the net, word of mouth recommendations and then recollecting memories of having spotted ‘Berry’d Alive’ while dining at ‘I & Monkey’; is how my wife and I landed up at this dessert haven one of the days last week. On this evening, we headed out with a plan to splurge on the desserts with actual dinner no where in our minds.

The menu at Berry’d Alive is a listing of 15 to 18 desserts. All these desserts are a creation that involves the use of a wide array of flavors and ingredients chosen very thoughtfully. The menu is listed descriptive and for visual help they have a screen that keeps playing the images of the desserts. 

What we ate:
We took a good 10 minutes to decide the first 2 desserts that would visit out table. We were both tempted to try out something that was not chocolate based. Not that we do not like chocolate, but it was more to do with the interesting combinations that made the other desserts to have a better appeal. So the two desserts were – ‘Coffee and Walnut Crème Rolls’ and ‘Strawberry Mango Verrine’.

‘Coffee and Walnut Crème Rolls’ arrived first. While we knew how they’d be presented (courtesy: Menu Images) we did not anticipate it would be down-right delicious to its last bite. This dessert had a very interesting blend of texture and flavor - creaminess of the coffee-walnut flavored crème filling contrasted with the crunch of the sweet crispy crust and dusting of cocoa powder. 

The ‘Strawberry Mango Verrine’ was excellent too. This was a colorful presentation symbolizing the use of crème, strawberry and Mango as ingredients. Each of these layers contributed to the taste that lasted even after this dessert was downed.

Done with two desserts, we were all set for the third one. About to place the order and we met Aljeesh, the owner of Berry’d Alive who not only helped us make our third pick but also shared with us the history behind the desserts on offer, how Berry’d Alive came into being, process of introducing a new dessert into the menu, future plans etc.

Our 3rd dessert was something unusual, really light, mildly sweet and definitely not chocolate based. It was ‘Raspberry Coconut Panacotta’. Unusual because - Imagining coconut as a base ingredient for the dessert was quite hard, yet what we received turned out to be great.

On the service front, the orders need to be placed at the counter itself. Desserts are served on the table. The service is fast and prompt with nothing much to be written about. The ambiance was quite nice.  The desserts were really nice and I am glad we chose to skip dinner and actually make dinner out of the desserts.

There is no valet parking service available.  

Each dessert served here ranges between Rs. 130 to Rs. 160 each - definitely, value for money.

Quick Tips:
Go for delicious desserts.

Address: #1079, 12th Main, Indira Nagar, HAL 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560008
Phone Number: +91 9611348003

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